Top BBQ Restaurants around Austin

Austin is known for being one of the places where BBQ food is very popular, and that is because the restaurants take great pride in preparing their special version of BBQ food.

In fact, a lot of people travel all the way to Austin just to have a taste of their delicious barbecues. Because many people are curious as to what restaurants are the best in Austin, several of us decided to interview a set of local bartenders, chefs, service industry pros and wine experts.

In order to know the rankings of restaurants, each of them was asked to give a corresponding letter of A to F, A being the highest or best, and F being the lowest or not good.  Luckily, none fell into the F category.

“Locals” Voted for their 6 Favorite BBQ Food Restaurants:

 Franklin barbecue with A+ rating.

Franklin BBQ restaurant logo

You can have it all if you will go to Franklin Barbecue. The pulled pork and brisket are actually the specialties in this restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant, Aaron Franklin said that he is thankful for his customers who are all very willing to dine in his restaurant. During peak hours, there are long lines of customers in the restaurant.

Because of the high number of customers in the restaurant, the restaurant was closed in order to create a bigger space for the kitchen and the dining area. Fortunately, the restaurant was re-opened before the visit of President Barack Obama.

Franklin BBQ food

La Barbecue with A rating

La Barbecue restaurant

Just like other restaurants, La Barbecue offers brisket, sausages and beef ribs. The tourist do love to visit La Barbecue because of its unique style of serving foods. The atmosphere is also good and the service offered is high class.

There are also picnic tables and other outdoor materials that customers can use while they are staying in La Barbecue. Also, the owner of the restaurant is John Lewis who is known to be good at cooking different kinds of barbecue.


Micklethwait Craft Meats restaurant

You will surely be amazed by the outstanding flavor of this restaurant’s beef ribs and sausage. In fact, it is one of the restaurants that has been considered as pitmasters in terms of quality.

One unique thing about this restaurant is that it uses an artisanal approach in making its beef ribs and sausages. It’s trailer also serves homemade bread that is perfect during breakfast.

You can also ask for special side items and dinner offerings if you want to have a romantic night with your loved ones.

Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew with B+ rating

Stiles switch BBQ restaurant

The Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew is actually a local favorite in Austin, because of its comfort (air conditioned) and convenience. People who want to eat at Stiles Switch will not wait in lines and they will be comfortable eating because the restaurant has a lot of seats and space.

The quality of the foods in this restaurant is also commendable. Residents from North and Central Austin love this place because of its location.

Freedmen’s with B+ rating

Freedman's restaurant logo

Freedmen’s is actually one of the historical buildings near the University of Texas. People love to eat pork ribs, pulled pork and brisket when they are in Freedmen’s.

Upon entering the restaurant, one will immediately notice the welcoming and spacious patio of the restaurant. Another thing that people love is that before they get the meat that they ordered, they will get nice starters like smoked beets with balsamic and smoked and grilled veggies and a whole lot more.

Unlike the first restaurant, one can only eat indoors in Freedmen’s, so during the Summer when it is extremely hot outside this may the place to be.

John Mueller Meat Co. with B- rating

John Mueller Meat Co

The John Mueller Meat Co. will let you taste the best beef ribs, brisket, and sausage. People who have tasted the restaurant’s specialties love to go back to John Mueller Meat Co. because they became addicted to the delicious flavor and taste of the foods that they have eaten.

President Obama also stopped by this restaurant during his visit to Austin. Even though the owner of John Mueller Meat Co. was forced to close its previous restaurant which is the John Muellers B-B-Q, he was determined to start a new restaurant that will let people taste the best ribs that they can even think of.

Also, customers of John Mueller Meat Co. can choose to eat outdoors with picnic tables if they want to eat with their family.  Of course, there many more restaurants in Austin that you can visit with your family and friends.

Honestly, going to any of these restaurants you won’t go wrong and it was really hard to rate these restaurants.  You sort of want to give them all an A, but some prefer A/C and give a place a higher rating for atmosphere.

Other prefer an outdoor rustic hangout.  Another local may judge purely on taste and service.

All in all, you will surely have a nice and enjoyable experience, no matter which one you pick. And think about it,  if a restaurant is good enough to feed our president, then why not you too.  So now go and visit these great restaurants you won’t go hungry or be disappointed! Be sure to ask for extra napkins!