How To Throw a Texas-Sized Margaritaville Party

Every Texan knows that Austin and Margaritas are joined at the hip. The margarita is our cultural beverage of choice. If you haven’t had one at Chuy’s, you don’t know what you’re missing!

You can’t ever go wrong by serving Margaritas at a laid back, relaxed party.

I hold a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville party at my house every August when the heat is at its highest here in Hill Country. It’s a perfect time to chill out, drink some cold bevs and catch up with friends.

I like the Margaritaville theme because (a) I love Buffet and (b) it sets the right mood for a late summer party.

To make a Margaritaville party authentic, you have to focus your energy on the right decorations, the right food, tequila, and serving delicious frozen margaritas – while of course playing great Buffet and Texas-style tunes. It also helps if everyone comes dressed as a Parrothead!

Here are my best tips for holding your own – have fun!

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Party Invitations

Basically, anything tropical, parrots, or margarita themed works for this shindig. If you can’t find pre-made invitations you like, cut up tropical themed scrapbook or wrapping paper and write the details on the back. For a memorable touch, send your invitation as a “message in bottle”.

Easy Party Decorations

Again, think tropical – you can also borrow ideas from Hawaiian luau party decorations. Here are some ideas for simple decorations:

  • Wood plank signposts w/ handwritten directions
  • Table covers in hot pink, lime green, yellow, turquoise, orange or light blue
  • Seashells
  • Beach Toys and
  • Blow up beach balls
  • Fish Nets
  • Pink Flamingos
  • Parrots of any kind – the more the merrier!
  • Palm Trees
  • Hibiscus, orchids, palms
  • Pineapples, coconuts, mangoes, and bananas
  • Tiki Lamps (check out
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Paper Flowers
  • Pirate Flags
  • Treasure Chests
  • Inflatable Sharks

Party Food & Beverages

  • Margaritas – offer traditional (on the rocks) AND frozen.
  • Tequila – serve a variety of Blanco, Resposado and Anejo.
  • Landshark Lager (brewed by Margaritaville Brewing Co.)
  • Make sure cheeseburgers are on the menu!
  • A Luau-Themed Cake
  • Fruit Salad (tropical fruit)
  • Chips, Salsa, and Guacamole
  • Host a Tequila Tasting Table


Games and Activities

The whole objective is to chill. But people can get bored if that’s all you offer. Here are some things you can do to keep your friends smiling.

  • Do da Limbo!
  • Hit a parrot shaped pinata Fill it with tropical fruit candy, tropical liqueurs, parrot key chains, toy sharks, chocolate “pirate” coins – or drink tokens.
  • Give out prizes for the best-dressed Parrothead
  • Hire a steel drum band to play as guests arrive or an acoustic guitarist to play during the party.

Party Favors

  • Margarita or Parrothead Glasses
  • Margarita Mix
  • Flip Flops w/ the party name and date etched on them
  • Beach towels

Party Prizes

Here are some awesome prize ideas:

  • Set of Margarita Glasses
  • A Margaritaville Blender (costs about $150 and up)
  • Jimmy Buffett CD’s
  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Bag filled with sunscreen, beach towels, etc.