The Top Tequilas You Should Try Out in 2016

Tequila is virtually synonymous with Mexico in the same way; Scotch whiskey is with Scotland. A shot of tequila will invariably conjure up flavors on your taste buds and images in your mind that are uniquely Mexican.

The history behind this age perfected liquor is, of course, colorful and dates back to the 16th century. Over time, its distillery process and various modifications make it one of the best-known brands around the world.

But like any famous liquor brand, several variations in the market can all be traced back to the Mexican city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco.

The agave plant usually found around this region serves as the primary source of the unique Tequila flavor, from the early civilization to date.

Without going into the intricate production details and how the final product gets into your tot glass, here are the basics you may be interested to know as far as how tequila production goes. The blue agave plant is the source of this liquor, which looks like an enormous pineapple from a distant. It takes roughly 8 -12 years to be ready for harvesting.

The core of the plant is then steam cooked, and the starchy content extracted, converted to sugar and slowly fermented using yeast. Depending on how the final liquor is required, the product will undergo several pot-stilling and aging processes to gain the required flavors that are unique to the brand.

All the machismo and technical details aside, you are probably looking for the most excellent and best tequila brand currently available in the market. The best liquors in this category are without doubt those aged for at least three years and packaged exceptionally. The aging process usually involves the use of Encino Oak barrels specially designed to induce unique aromas into the stored drink.

Below is a list to help you pick your flavor for your upcoming special occasion, moments as well as for your full pleasure.

1. AsomBroso Extra Anejo

Top Tequilas 2016

This exquisite brand of tequila takes about at least five years in French oak casks for it to be ready for packaging and consumption.

Asombroso Extra Anejo has unmistakable smoothness on the tongue – a quality that makes it ideal for laid-back sipping. Its effects are mellow, and it can, therefore, be served as a starter to get your entourage in the party mood.


2. Casa Noble Single Barrel Anejo Tequila

Top Tequilas 2016

As is the case with single malt whiskeys, this particular brand of Tequila goes through a meticulous quality assurance process. It is aged for around five years in carefully selected French white oak barrels.

To maintain its authentic flavor, it has to undergo traditional methods throughout the distillation and filtration processes. The final product is then packed in a unique bottle that not only pleases the eye but also excites the celebratory spirit in you.

3. Chinaco Negro Tequila Extra Anejo

Top Tequilas 2016

This is another brand of Tequila that pays homage to the painstaking single batch aging process. Produced as a limited edition liquor, your guests will always feel special whenever served with Chinaco.

The amount of complex processes that goes into its production is a testament to its exclusivity. External factors such as the weather, exposure to extreme temperatures and the condition of the barrel wood itself are carefully monitored so as to come up with a uniquely superb product.

4. Tequila Herradura Seleccion Suprema Extra Anejo


If you take a little bit of your time to translate what its name means in English, you will understand why this Tequila brand has won numerous awards throughout the world.

The Limited Edition blend that goes into its production takes exactly 49 months for the final product to be ready for bottling. Of course, the whole distillation and filtration process is a trade secret, all we can tell you is you won’t be disappointed by the final product.

5. Tequila Corrido Extra Anejo

Top Tequilas 2016

Most Tequila fans happen to be connoisseurs of other exquisite drinks as well. Corrido is exceptional in the way it produced as a single batch of about 10,000 liters aged in specially made white oak barrels for nearly three years.

The final product is a dark amber drink that resembles bourbon or cognac but remains tequila uniquely.