The Best Tequilas of 2015

Whether you are hosting a margarita party, serving it as an aperitif or doing shots with old college friends, these top-rated tequilas should impress your guests and make everyone smile.  It’s impossible not to say Tequila and Mexico in the same breath.

This delicious spirit with its wide variety of unusual flavors and strong taste symbolizes the best of Tex-Mex cuisine and culture. Tequila is much sought after by aspirational drinkers, owing to its unique flavor, as well as unobtrusive sweetness.

The conspicuous herbal flavor of modern day tequila is a product of the Agave plant, cultivated in the city Tequila, located in Mexico. The most popular tequilas consumed today combine two varied ingredients – the agave and distilled sugar.

If one were to go the Mexican law, tequila is produced only in the Tequila region in Mexico, and all other versions of tequila created all over the world as not classified as authentic and genuine tequila.

Favorite Tequila Brands

There are hundreds of Tequilas to choose from – from flavored tequilas (catering to America’s obsession with flavored drinks) to regular labels like El Patron to ultra-premium labels that you’ve never heard of.

Here are my favorites – which also happen to be top-rated or the best tequila by others. Enjoy!

1. El Tequileno Platino Tequila


This is the newest offering from the famous Jorge Salles Cuervo Distilleries stable. The shimmering silver version is known for its unique flavor, as well as premium quality. El Tequileno Platino is 100% agave. Well, all that glitters also tastes lip-smacking good.

2. La Fortaleza Blanco


La Fortaleza is for those who prefer more herbal, natural as well as earthy flavors to infuse the perfect balance in their spirits. This is for those who subscribe to the good old school of tequila as opposed to the newer flavored versions. The agave is smashed and cooked for over 30 hours, just as they did in the ancient times, then left to ferment.

3. Tequila Tierras Blanco


This tequila has the distinction of having won a gold medal at the prestigious S.F. World Spirits Competition. This is for those who like the original flavor, but with a hint of newer flavors added. They offer tequilas with citrus and vanilla or a touch of pepper. Classy, clean taste. Perfect for those who do not like to experiment too much with their tequilas.

4. Don Pilar Tequila Anejo


This particular version is fermented using Champagne yeast and later aged in oak barrels to bring out the richness as well as the uniqueness of the flavors. The 200-hour fermentation involves playing Baroque tracks in the background to enhance the flavors. The agave flavor is nicely brought to the forefront by aging the product for a year. A smooth, rich taste defines this tequila.

5. El Tesoro Tequila Aniversario Extra Anejo


As the name suggests, this version is a celebratory anniversary special variant. It is aged for a staggering seven years, is nothing less than a premium white oak bourbon barrel to create a rich, absolutely smooth and flavorsome product. The company will sell only 2007 cases of the exclusive blend. So grab your case before they are all lip-smacked by other tequila aficionados.

6. D’Antani Tequila Anejo


The D’Antani Tequila Anejo is as sophisticated as it gets, after being aged in traditional white oak barrels for 5 years. Each process it goes through spells top class as well as masterpiece quality. Made using the finest Agave cultivated on the Los Altos Highlands, and subsequently processed in stone ovens; this version rules with fans of the creation process.

7. Don Julio Reposado


The agave that makes its way into a bottle of Don Julio Reposado is aged for a decade before it is allowed to ferment and be distilled. The concoction is allowed to rest in the finest American white-oak barrels for about eight months before it is bottled. This version features a rich and complex flavor, with hints of caramel, and ripe apples. My personal favorite.

8. Corazon Blanco


This is one for those who like a nuttier flavor. It is crafted out of 100% agave of premium, hand-picked quality. Post the second distillation process, a good dose of oxygen is let loose into the blend to complete the painstaking blending process. The result – a smooth, soft and aromatic blend that is enhanced with strong flavors.

Whether you are making margaritas, serving it as an aperitif or doing shots with old college friends, all of these tequilas should impress your guests and make you smile. And not just for the alcohol 🙂

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