The Best Places To Order Take Out Food In Austin, TX

There are plenty of times when  “take-out” is the only option when it comes to a good, convenient meal. Busy schedules often mean that there isn’t the time to sit in a restaurant and wait for traditional service.

A leisurely lunch in a top establishment is probably a rare luxury. This can lead to some uninspired choices in cheap, unhealthy take-out food or leftover packed lunches. It doesn’t have to be this way with a little thought, and careful planning for the best Take-Out food Austin has to offer.

The great news here is that there a wide range of outlets for pick up food Austin style.

Austin is full of top restaurants and eateries that provide food to go for those that order ahead. This means that workers can order from their desk, collect a great meal and eat either in the office, at home or a local park.

Many cafes and restaurants allow patrons to call ahead, place an order and to be picked up. Many do so with their full menu too, not just a select section that is easy to prep. This means that workers and busy parents can head to plenty of local favorites for a more convenient bite of great tasting food.

Many places go for a more basic fare, with soups and sandwiches, or a slice of pizza. Unsurprisingly, there is also plenty of choice from international flavors. There are many Asian and Mexican restaurants, as well as few less mainstream option. Then there are the oddities with healthier menus or vegan specialties. Here are some of the best food pick up locations in Austin across a range of styles.

Where To Find Pizza for Collection in Austin

Best Pizza Places in Austin

There is no better place to start here than with some of the many pizza places in Austin with a great pick up to go service. These restaurants offer a variety of toppings and sides with great service. Some have a unique selling point, such as 313Austin. They offer a twist on the Detroit-style pizza via trucks and windows across the city. They are at East 6th Street, Oak Hill, and Guadalupe.

It is not uncommon for these Austin pick-up spots to have several locations. This is the case with East Side Pies as well, which has three locations.

Many families will love More Home Slice’s pick up window because it is fast, convenient and about more than a slice of pie. This menu also offers salads, antipasti, sandwiches, and alcohol for the parents. It is at 1415 S Congress Ave.

Salvation Pizza is similar in style and worth a mention here for their ability to cater to large numbers in one order. Their location is 624 W 34th St.

Finding the best Sandwich Options in Austin

The next item of food to consider has to be the sandwich place. Pizza is a great family staple for the evening, but every worker needs a good local cafe for a filling sandwich at lunch. There are plenty of Austin locations covering a range of styles.

A great starting point here is the Soup Peddler Real Food & Juice Bar, with their great choices in sandwiches and soups. Customers can order to go when they choose for a convenient bite outside of traditional lunch hours. Their location is 501 W Mary St.

Then there are Snarf’s Sandwiches with its popular made-to-order sandwiches of different sizes. This is perfect for those that like a little customization with their sandwich. This place is at 2901 Medical Arts St.

The Cuban Sandwich Cafe is a little different as it takes on a culinary theme, like many restaurants in the city. Patrons love the selection of flavors and interesting sides. They include fried yucca, plantains, and tostones. This is perfect for those that want to be more adventurous at lunch. This cafe is at 1804 Briarcliff Blvd.

Snarf's Sandwiches

What About International Flavors?

The Cuban twist at the sandwich cafe above highlights the potential of a nice international theme at the best Austin restaurants and cafes. A quick search of local directories shows the breadth of styles and flavors available across the city.

Some of these options are quite familiar, with twists and flavors that some families will turn to for a weekend treat. Others will take diners completely out of their comfort zone. It all comes down to preferences and a bit of bravery when picking up that phone to place an order.

One of the more familiar options for many diners in Austin is Mexican, and there are plenty of examples of the best Mexican pick up food Austin eateries.

A good Mexican meal tastes best with the right love and spices – not from a certain national chain of fast food restaurants. Therefore, it is always better to look for a reliable collection point in Austin for the best fajitas and enchiladas for a family treat.

Fresa’s is a popular drive-thru collection point with lots of approaches to adding a Mexican twist to some chicken dishes. This makes them pretty accessible for families, and kids will love the tacos. They are on North Lamar.

A nice alternative option is Tortilleria, who use fresh, tasty tortillas for taking out gorditas and tacos. They also provide stew, Chiles Rellenos, and enchiladas. Their location is 900 E Braker Ln.

Those that want to be a little more adventurous may decide to turn to some Cajun or Hawaiian option. Cajun cuisine may take some families out of their comfort zone. But, the idea of a Cajun pick-up spot in Austin is music to the ears of many food lovers. There aren’t quite so many of these.

Nubian Queen Lola’s is a popular local eatery with a traditional take on catfish, gumbo and specialist fried chicken. The only downside for those calling on a whim is that they are cash-only. Their location is 1815 Rosewood Ave.

Hawaiian is another slightly unusual option for those that want to try something new for dinner. Ola Poke is one of Austin’s top Hawaiian restaurants and stands out for its fusions dishes. Food lovers have to try the hibachi steak and Korean barbecue bowls. Their location is 6808 N Lamar Blvd #110.

Many of these international flavors come from top Asian restaurants with some impressive take-out menus.

Thai food is as popular as ever for a meal out or a comforting takeaway option, this is why there are many much-loved Thai restaurants in Austin, many of which have pick-up options. Thai Fresh is a great place to start for newcomers. This is because they focus on great, traditional dishes and flavors in an accessible menu.

Popular dishes such as pad Thai, drunken noodles and green curry are easily ordered online and picked up at the restaurant. There is even a nice ice cream menu for the kids. Their location is 909 W Mary St.

An alternative option is Titaya’s Thai Cuisine which offers a modern twist on the menu for more experienced Thai lovers. Their location is 5501 N Lamar Blvd Ste C101.

Of course, there is much more to Asian food than Thai. Many restaurants are specializing in fare from various Asian countries that offer a pick-up option. Some are a little broader in their approach. One such option is Koriente Restaurant, which covers a range of healthy dishes at an affordable price. Patrons appreciate the use of the finest, freshest ingredients. Their location is 621 E 7th St.

East Side King is a little more focused on takeaway Japanese food. This is one of the more interesting pick up food Austin joints because of the fusion of Japanese street food and Austin touches. They are on East 6th Street behind Liberty Bar.

Then there is Sichuan River, with its interesting menu of spicy Sichuan dishes for those that want something new. Their location is 4534 West Gate Blvd.

Finally, there is the 888 Vietnamese lunchtime menu. This restaurant has a broad selection of dishes for pick up and accepts order throughout the day. It is even possible to phone ahead on a night out and collect some treats at midnight. Their location is 2400 E Oltorf St.

Other Must-visit Pick up Food Options in Austin

There is a clear focus on chicken on the menus of all of the best takeout spots in the city. Every specialist restaurant and quirky cafe will put it on the menu somewhere. This is no surprise with its versatility and popularity.

Those that want a more simplistic take on the humble chicken should try Bucket O’ Bird at Lucy’s on the Fly. This is simple fare and familiar flavors with some nice sides and drinks to go with it. This spot is at 2043 S Lamar Blvd.

(Source: Hayden Walker)

Then there are the obvious options of a bit of Tex Mex. All those that love this style in Austin should try Guero’s take-out menu. The mains are the star of the show here, but there is surprising diversity in the menu.

Patrons can try fish dishes and breakfasts, and they also cater for those with vegan and gluten-free needs. This ensures that Guero’s becomes a regular haunt for many. It is at 1412 S Congress Ave.

Looking for a Vegetarian Option, or Simply Something a Little Healthier?

Finally, there are the restaurants and cafes for all those that want something a little healthier for a lunchtime snack. It is often too easy to head for the pastries, fatty food, and greasy takeout.

Thankfully, there are great take-out food joints for a healthier approach. One of the best is Snap Kitchen, which focuses primarily on healthy snacks on the go. Their location is 4616 Triangle Ave., Ste 200.

Then there is the drive-through option of Baby Greens, which specializes in salads and wraps. The vegetables and salads come first here, with a wide choice of options, and there is the choice to add a protein source if desired. Their location is 1508 W Anderson Ln.

Baby Greens is a great, convenient option for those that want a take-out wrap at lunchtime. Guero’s breaks the mold with its vegan fare. But, they are not alone in providing vegetable-based pickup food Austin.

This idea of a choice of meat or vegetable options in take-out food is important for all the vegetarians and vegans in Austin. There is a clear meat-theme in some of these menus, with lots of Austin take-out places offering great chicken dishes, Tex Mex, BBQ and more. Still, they shouldn’t have to suffer from a lack of choice because of their views on meat and produce.

Many will enjoy both the vegan and vegetarian options at Bouldin Creek. This cute little establishment offers To Go type of service, a typical coffee counter approach for more leisurely lunches and a pick-up point for those that call ahead. Their location is 1900 S 1st St.

There is something for everyone with these top Austin food collection points.

This vast selection of cuisine options shows the diversity of take-out options in the city, as well as the ease of finding the best pick up food Austin, has to offer. Any family can find something that suits their taste on the way home from a busy day. This could mean a carefully crafted pizza or some finger-licking Tex-Mex.

Workers have an impressive choice of international cuisines to sample on their lunch break. Even those with dietary restrictions aren’t left out with those healthy, vegetarian and specialist options.

There is also no better time for Austin resident to put a pin on the map, pick up the phone and try something new. It is easy to become stuck in a rut with the same old flavors and meal options.

Workers and families alike can almost act on auto-pilot when phoning the usual take-out restaurant. This broad list highlights how easy it is to break away from that into new culinary territory.

Fans of Asian food can try Japanese street food or Vietnamese specialties. Hawaiian or Cajun dishes could become a new weekend treat. None of these interesting pick-up To Go food locations are as far away as customers may think.