Places To Celebrate Margarita Day in Austin

February 22 is just around the corner, and one good reason to celebrate is that it’s National Margarita Day.

There are few places where you can make the most of this day in Austin—where it’s already bright and sunny in late February.

Here’s a list of some excellent spots to celebrate Margarita Day 2017. After all, the margarita is the unofficial cocktail of the city. So, no matter if your margarita preference is classic, frozen, sweet, spicy or a combination of both, you’ll find the right place for you on February 22 on this list—

The tried and true

The first five on our list are places that are already famous for their margaritas and other fares. You can’t go wrong with these classics. They may be full on February 22, which will be a good sign, and if you have to wait a little bit, it will still be worth it

First Five Place famous margaritas


If you want a no-fail, classic margarita, Trudy’s (near the University of Texas campus) is for you. A staple of Austin’s Margarita culture, no “Best Places” list would be complete without it.


There are seven Maudie’s Tex-Mex Heavens scattered all over Austin, and so you are never far from satisfying your margarita craving.


Stay in the “Sandbox” (what they call their lounge in back) and relax with a cool and refreshing margarita. And if you’re in the mood for something a little different, try their mango habanero margarita. Visit Takoba on East Seventh Street.


On South First, has a reverse happy hour after 10 pm. Enjoy their classic margaritas, but also give their mango margarita a chance as well.


Enjoy live music as well as excellent margaritas—make sure your order the SoCo Rita. Find Guero’s on South Congress Avenue.

On the wilder side

These cantinas and restaurants proudly serve not only traditional margaritas, but they put their special spin on the cocktail and have come up with some amazing concoctions


Right by the St Edwards University campus, is home to the famous avocado margarita that’s both creamy and refreshing. Try it with their delicious salsa sampler.

 7. VIVO

Though a little pricey, you can choose from more than twenty margarita options at Vivo, which is on Manor Road. As a nice added touch, all the frozen margaritas are served with a fresh flower. Their prickly pear margarita comes well recommended.


Has a lovely pomegranate margarita. But you’d also do well with the regular house margarita, which goes particularly well with chili salt on the rim of your glass (ask your server).

only traditional margaritas


Has an awesome cucumber jalapeno margarita, combining the perfect blend of refreshing and spicy. Jack Allen’s is on Highway 71 West.


Order the Mad Dog margarita. This restaurant on Lavaca Street is famed for its three-alarm chili and eclectic décor, as well as the Mad Dog as mentioned above.


Aat happy hour, you can get a blood orange margarita for only five dollars. Can’t beat that for value for money. Find the Salty Sow, a lovely gastropub, on Manor Road.


This Italian restaurant in the South Congress area serves a drink that has the distinction of having won Best New Margarita from the Austin Chronicle a few years ago. Worth a visit.

Delightful Digs


Has a wonderfully relaxing vibe, especially on the rooftop patio. This is the place to go to on sunny days. And the margarita on the rocks is the perfect refreshment accompaniment.


 Aanother place with a patio best on sunny days, located in East Austin. Their twist on the classic margarita, and (their classic version is very good in itself) is a Grapefruit Jalapeno Margarita, a pairing that blends perfectly.


Considered one of the best-kept secrets of the teachers of East Austin, many of whom you’ll find kicking back and relax on Friday afternoons. The margaritas and the Tex-Mex food are top-notch, and karaoke at the cantina is a definite plus.

Saving The Best For Last

La Condesa, in downtown Austin, has topped many a “Best Place for Margarita Day in Austin” list, and with good reason. Odes have been written to La Condesa’s “Margarita Clasica on the Rocks,” starting from its delectable salt rim to the drink itself.

For variety, try the Margarita La Condesa as well. La Condesa has built a loyal following among locals but is also a big hit with tourists and visitors. Good to note too that discounts are quite sizeable at Happy Hour, so you are sure to get the best value for your money.