Come Celebrate Margarita Day In Austin!

This year, National Margarita Day falls on Saturday, February 22nd. You know what to do, right? Restaurants and bars in Austin will have Margarita deals in celebration of the famous holiday. Those places that don’t are nevertheless offering pretty wonderful margaritas. Here are places to try a margarita around the city of Austin in no particular order and towards the end how to host your own gathering at home:


Guero’s Taco Bar

1412 S. Congress Ave. The margaritas at this prime people-watching place are superbly strong and come either frozen or on the rocks. If frozen, they are offered in a rainbow of flavors, such as strawberry and mango.



Las Perlas

405 E. Seventh St. Drive to Oaxaca without leaving Austin. Modeled after the kind of hideaway mezcalarias you’ll see in that culturally rich city, Las Perlas has many pages of mezcal and tequila choices which you can sip neat in a clay copita. However, the cocktails are nothing to disregard. Try the Margarita using a float of Ilegal Joven and sal de chapulines on the rim. (Grasshopper salt, that is. Be brave.)



Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy has multiple places. In celebration of National Margarita Day, all areas of this famous Austin-based burger chain is providing $2 Little Larry margaritas (a little classic frozen Margarita topped with Grand Marnier) and $5 excellent frozen margaritas, including citrus juices, Gold Tequila, a black lava salt rim, and Triple Sec all day.


Prohibition Creamery

1407 E. Seventh St. Booze, and ice cream blend on a standard day at this sweets store. Still, Prohibition is going all out for National Margarita Day, teaming up with Playa Real Tequila for a margarita-inspired dessert. Available beginning through Feb. 22, the Playa Piña Rita combines Prohibition’s home-made Sangria Sorbet with Playa Real Tequila Pineapple, orange bitters, lime juice and a spoonful of orange blossom water.


The Switch

166 Hargraves Dr. Suite G-100. The Dripping Springs barbecue outpost from the people behind Stiles Switch is taking the chance to unveil “a giant fresh margarita menu” now, and the restaurant isn’t exaggerating about its size. There are both frozen and on-the-rocks options, like the Big Red Rita — a frozen margarita with a jar of Big Red soda dunked into the pot.


Mean Eyed Cat Bar

1621 W. Fifth St. The hangout dedicated to Johnny Cash enjoys margaritas, too. The Mean Marg gets the heat up a notch, with habanero-lime syrup, muddled orange, Cointreau, tequila, fresh lime juice, and jalapeños, and a Tajin salt rim combining for a spicy twist on the classic Mexican drink.

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Fonda San Miguel

2330 W. North Loop. This vibrant hacienda-style restaurant has been serving Mexican cuisine for 40 years for a good reason. Everything is of the highest quality, and that is no different from the beverages, which include the Silver coin Margarita with Cointreau, watermelon-infused Patron tequila, and lime juice.


Licha’s Cantina

1306 E. Sixth St. The excellent bungalow bar on East Sixth Street includes a roster of classic cocktails that acquire a tequila twist. Still, you can trust the Margarita on the menu is not change much at all, with Exotico Reposado Tequila, lime, Combier, and agave. It is $5 between the happy hour.


Cyclone Anaya’s Tex-Mex Cantina

3120 Palm Way #170. There is a daily Happy Hour menu from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., so if you cannot make Saturday then try one of Cyclone Anaya’s weekday specials.  There’ll be $6 jumbo margaritas waiting at this Northside spot. Need we say more?


El Naranjo

85 Rainey St. You can select your own margarita experience at this highly rated Rainey Street restaurant. As soon as you’ve chosen your favorite tequila or mezcal, the bartenders of El Naranjo will add Naranja orange liqueur and lime juice. Or not — for National Margarita Day only, agave cocktails and all margaritas will be 20% off.

Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos has multiple places. The Austin-based taco joint has an all-day offer going at all its restaurants that won’t just give a pretty sweet deal on margaritas. Get the special Scallywag Margarita (reposado tequila, habanero jam, triple sec, and a coconut rim and Captain Crunch) with February’s Taco of the Month, the Scallywag ( green chilies, bacon, jack cheese, coconut-battered shrimp, pickled onions, cilantro, and homemade cherry habanero jam).


Black Sheep Lodge

2108 S. Lamar Blvd. Mariachis, $2 El Jimador margaritas and Carnitas nachos on special all day. This South Austin pub is toasting National Margarita Day with the Do512 people.

Yard House

11800 Domain Names Blvd #700. What could be better than a regular Margarita? Well, how about this beer pub’s color-changing Magic Margarita? The cocktail, containing Don Julio Tequila, starts out blue, but it turns purple when you pour a sidecar of a house-made citrus agave blend. The Instagram-ready beverage is $2 off during happy hour.

Chuy’s Restaurants

This is a restaurant chain with multiple places. Although now owning 99 restaurants in 19 states, Chuy’s started small in Austin and become beloved in part because of its margaritas. All these are on particular Friday — specifically, the Top-Shelf Skinny Ritas is $1 off, and floaters of either extra orange liqueur or tequila will be $1 to provide your Margarita an extra kick.

Sour Duck Economy

1814 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The eatery in Odd Duck team and the Barley Swine keeps its Margarita divinely simple, with agave, lime, lemon, and tequila to present a drink you’ll wish to sip on the patio when the weather is beautiful. Now, it’s just $6.

Fast Eddie’s Billiards & Sports Bar

13945 N. Hwy. 183 Ste. D122. Get the edge off your week with Friday night pool, with Margarita. Fast Eddie’s has drink specials through Feb. 24 in honor of National Margarita Day.

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Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Making Your Margaritas

1. Using Anything Other Than 100 Percent Agave Tequila

As a spirit, Tequila maligned as the bringer of hangovers. Tequila, as it turns out, is kind of like Champagne. The term is strictly regulated. To lawfully sport “tequila” on a tag, the fluid within must be produced from blue weber agave or 100 percent agave Azul. That is the varietal.

When folks say, ‘Oh, I had headaches, I got super lost that one time,’ chances are, it was mixto. It only has to be 51 percent tequila. A product is legally bound to state if it is mixto, so you’ve got to read the fine print. Another 49% may be anything–usually a “neutral cane spirit,” which implies fermented sugar cane, usually cut with corn syrup and additives. Welcome, hangover.

2. Not Focusing on How The Tequila Was Prepared

Using 100% Tequila is only the start. If you need a real Margarita, Valdovinos says, you will need to get the type of tequila that has been crushed with a tajona wheel. It is how the spirit distilled, employing a massive stone wheel to extract the juices from agave. Even though the autoclave method. Essentially a pressure cooker is the preference of the contemporary method, taking hours rather than days, the tajona method has been making a comeback in late years as the market for higher cost point tequilas has been growing.

The brand Fortaleza adheres to the tajona design and is his go-to choice for the cheapest brand of perfect tequila. The owners have been making tequila for five generations. It is hands down the most comfortable option.”

3. Using Grated or Diluted Lime Juice

We know everyone is busy, and shop-bought lime juice works in a pinch, but getting a fresh one will only require your few seconds!

4. Forgetting Sec or The Curaçao

Some recipes choose to leave it out, but some believe it adds an X factor that’s hard to describe—but apparent. Lime is overly aggressive sometimes, so you will need to round out that acidity. When you are making your Margarita, try it with only the tequila and lime. Also then try it with the curaçao. You’ll see the difference.

5. Using Crushed Ice

The ice you use matters: the larger the cubes, the better, preferably prepared with filtered water. If you want to elevate your drinks, use good ice truly. “Nowadays, ice is vital in mixology and cocktails. “It sounds stupid, and people do not see the value of it. However, you must invest money into getting ice. Get silicone molds or ice trays if you are making margaritas at home and using bottle or filter water so that your cubes are crystal clear. And, generally speaking, the bigger the blocks of ice, the better.

6. Discounting The *Crucial* Significance of Salt

Some people add a pinch of salt even into his simple syrups. Salt punches up flavors. “99% of cocktails and simple syrups have salt. The lime will be saltier, the sugar will be sweeter, the hard drink will be more punchy. And get a good salt also at Salazar, Calderón, along with his team, crush their own sea salt and place it in the oven to evaporate any remaining humidity. Since the sodium level is reduce, he prefers sea salt, and it’s less cloying than prepare, iodize salt.

7. Not Having Fun

While there’s nothing bad with stirring per se, you’re at another level when you get your first cocktail shaker. The process of shaking a drink together with ice not only gets the ingredients cold all, but it also aerates the beverage. This way, when you serve it, you feel that the cocktail to be milder than normal. It is that extra je ne sais quoi, which produces drinks at bars look better than at home.

Finally, a note on which sort of tequila you are choosing to use. Most margaritas are made an unaged Tequila Blanco, which can be very neutral in flavor. While you can use a more age, caramel-like obsolete reposado or a one-year-old banjo, these are more traditionally stored for sipping. Blanco has a more intricate, vegetal, floral, citrus, and mineral flavor. The reposado, otherwise, has been dated in some form of oak for at least 2 months. Those notes are a little bit more vanilla, chocolate, oak, coffee.

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