A Journey To The Texas Dance Halls

Texas is renowned for its great music culture that involves romance and exquisite interactions with different forms of art.

During the early 19th and early 20th century, Texas had around 1000 to 1500 different dance halls although only some 400 remain today. Nonetheless, Texas still has the highest number of historical dance halls than any other state in the US and more of them are beginning to re-open their doors after a long period of dormancy.

Texas is known as a city where love and fun go hand in hand. The music and art culture are quite flourishing, and residents will now be able to relive the experiences their ancestors had inside the walls of these dancing halls.

Historical Dance Halls

Some halls date back to the early 1850s and this March, the Texas Dance Hall Tour will take you to some of the greatest music landmarks in town.

Tour The Five Historic Texas Dance Halls

If March 20th to 26th finds you in Texas, then join the rest of music lovers as you will get a chance to visit five great historical dance halls that have existed for decades.

The inaugural event will go on for a full week to celebrate Texas love for music and their rich culture in the same. Some of the historic dance halls that will be opened include Luckenbach found in Luckenbach and Sengelmann in Schulenburg.

Do you want to step into halls where great talents like Willie Nelson, Bob Wills, and George Strait perfected their art and music? These doors will open to give firsthand experiences to all music lovers. You can expect ambiance and romantic atmosphere with a vintage touch.

The visits will also include stops at some of the significant landmarks and achievements of Texas including the old whiskey distillery and winery as well as Texas buggy bar which boasts some 140 carriages that are 150+ years.

The two-step tour will also feature performances from your favorite bands and artists including Dale Watson, Lee Ann Womack, Benson, Heybale, Asleep at the Wheel and High Plains Jamboree among others. The Quebe Sisters and Hot Club of Cowtown will also be performing in this event.

The Quebe Sisters

Dancehall Promotion And Preservation Are The Main Agendas

Texas is a city where romance is the way of life and music is always perfect for lovebirds.

The key agenda of the inaugural celebration of Texas dance halls stretches beyond recognition of the culture. It is much more dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the dance halls and historical culture.

The decision to include five historic dance halls in the Dance Hall Tour has an aim of promoting the use of fixtures that were once at the center of Texas small cities and drew thousands to romantic nights and lovely music of the day. They will also contribute a perfect blend of rich culture and music history.

Don’t Miss The Chance To Experience Historic Moments

If you have never danced in one of these dance halls, then you have been missing out on the richest cultural history of Texas and the US in general.

Inside these walls have seen icons, actors, singers, superstars, top athletes, performers, and even senior government officials. You will simply relish an opportunity to revisit the halls.