10 Austin Bakeries Everyone Must Try When In Town

Austin is one of the trendiest and most popular destinations for food lovers. For those who love sinking their teeth into delectable baked goodies such as cookies, pies, cakes, and pastries, Austin has a wide range of bakeries to choose from. Here are 10 Austin bakeries that are a must try for gourmets.

Here are 10 Austin bakeries that are a must try for yourself to experience these wonderful treats.

1. Sugar Mamas Bakeshop

Opened in 2008, Sugar Mamas Bakeshop has built quite a reputation for itself, and many people consider it the gold standard for cupcakes in Austin.


There are two Sugar Mamas bake shops in Austin. The best known of the two is the Southside location on 1905 S 1st St. It is also the original Sugar Mamas bakers shop. The second location is the Eastside location on 2406 Manor Road Suite B. It doubles up as the newest Sugar Mamas location. The Eastside location is also more than a bakery because it offers wines, beers and champagne cocktails. Both locations remain closed on Mondays but open on every other day of the week.


One of the things that make Sugar Mamas one of the best Austin bakeries is the richness of its menu which is pastry and bread-focused. What’s more, they have a menu for each day. The menu includes items such as;

  • A selection of 42 eye-catching and mouth-watering cupcakes such as the famous Apocalypse which is a Cupcake War winner and the delightful James Brown (for chocolate enthusiasts).
  • Different cakes; including seven different options for those interested in customized cakes.
  • Six different types of cookies including the Brownie cookie and the super sweet Iced Molasses Cookie.
  • Four different bars including the Bourbon chocolate pecan bar and the S’Mores bar with a Graham cracker crust.
  • Four different mini pies e.g. the impossibly delicious chocolate creampie
  • Both locations also offer a variety of cold drinks and hot drinks. The Eastside location also has an impressive menu of craft beers and wines.
  • Other treats including macaroons.

 2. Tous Les Jours

The name of this Austin bakery loosely translates to “every day.” Despite the obviously French name, this bakery specializes in serving Asian-French and especially Korean style baked products.

Tous Les Jours


In Austin, Tous Les Jours is located at 6808 N Lamar Blvd, Suite B-115. The location is open every day of the week from 9 in the morning until 9 PM.


One of the most notable things about the menu at TLJ is that most of the products are made using high quality, fresh and pure ingredients from South Korea. According to their website, they take pride in baking using traditional techniques.

The menu includes a surprisingly wide selection of bread pastries, and other sweet treats including cakes, donuts and many other dessert items. Even more impressive is the fact that it has a galore of samples for clients to try out.

Some of the most notable baked items on the menu include;

  • An assortment of cakes such as the berry bear chocolate cake,
  • Croquettes (such as the curry croquette and the popular Kimchi croquette)
  • An assortment of fresh bread pastries such as the Milk Bread, Corn cream bread, sweet pumpkin bread, chocolate filled bread and chestnut pastry bread.
  • Many other sweet treats including Korean shaved ice, macaroons, croissant, sesame balls, sweet rice donuts, red bean donuts, and chocolate éclairs among others.

3. Bribery Bakery

This Austin bakery has a unique name. Jodi Elliott is the proprietor of this top-notch bakery. Perhaps most people know her for the Saturday Bake Sales which were quite the hit among cake enthusiasts in Austin.


There are two Bribery bakery locations in Austin. The flagship location is that on 2013 W Wells Branch Pkwy Ste 109. The second location, opened in 2016, is the Mueller branch on 1900 Simond Avenue Ste 300. Both locations are normally closed on Monday but open on all other days of the week.


There are two separate menus for the individual locations.

In the Wells Branch location, clients should expect a rather small but exciting menu of baked products, pastries and nonalcoholic drinks to wash down the treats with. The menu features items such as;

  • A selection of cakes including chocolate custard cake, lemon pound cake and almond cake among others.
  • Cookies and Biscuits (e.g. peanut butter cookies and ham, egg and cheddar biscuit)
  • An assortment of treats including cinnamon rolls, almond caramel brownies, stuffed brioche and savory croissants among others.

The Mueller location features a small selection of pastries and treats such as the oatmeal crème pies and the seasonal muffins. However, the biggest difference is on the drinks menu which features non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic drinks such as beers, cocktails and a selection of wines.

4. Quack’s 43rd St Bakery

Quack’s has a rich heritage and is widely considered the premier coffee house in Austin.


Quacks is located in Hyde Park at 411 E 43rd St. One thing that sets it apart from other Austin bakeries is the fact that it opens for longer hours. It is open from 6:30 in the morning to 11 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, it opens at 7 in the morning while on Sundays it opens at 7:30 AM. The closing time for both Saturday and Sunday remains unchanged.


Quack’s is a paradise of sorts for sweet-toothed people and caffeine enthusiasts. The number of items on their menu is impressive, and it is clear to see why it is a firm favorite in Austin.

  • An extensive baked goods menu which includes a variety of pies, layer cakes, muffins, specialty cakes, coffee cakes, tea bread, scones, Danish, cinnamon rolls, croissants, cookies, biscotti, bars, dessert specialties such as éclairs and chocolate covered macaroons as well as a selection of cupcakes.
  • Hot drinks (including hot chocolate, assorted tea and a variety of coffees – all using freshly roasted coffee beans)
  • Cold drinks (including iced tea, iced Toddy, Topo Chico, Italian sodas and Vietnamese coffee among others)

5. Baguette Et Chocolat

Baguette Et Chocolat

For an authentic French bakery experience in Austin, look no further than Baguette et Chocolat.


It is located in Uplands Shopping Center on 12101 Bee Cave Rd. The bakery is open every day of the week except Monday.


The menu of this bakery is authentically French, and this is what makes it stand out from other Austin bakeries. Everything on the menu, including the bread, pastries and other items are made from scratch on the premises. Some of the items include;

  • An assortment of fresh (baked daily) plain French bread including ciabatta olives, Epi Baguette, Walnut bread, Traditional baguette, batard, champagne bread, and French baguette.
  • A variety of breakfast pastries including three different croissants each with Swiss cheese
  • A variety of French patisseries aka pastries and sweets all of which are handmade from scratch using European butter, and no high fructose corn syrup. These include mouthwatering delights such as Gros Paris-Austin, mini religious, chocolate éclair, champagne cake, pear tarts, raspberry Charlotte and Versailles among other treats.
  • Special order cakes such as noisette (hazelnut cake), Fraisier, three chocolate, and the Napoleon cake just to mention a few. However, it is advised to call ahead of ordering for more information on these cakes.
  • French specialties including a selection of Quiches, French Sweet Crepes
  • Hot Paninis in French Panini bread.

6. Capital City Bakery

The story of Capital City Bakery reads like a fairy-tale. It has evolved from a home-based baking business to a bakery food trailer and is now a brick and mortar bakery serving unrivaled 100% vegan baked products in Austin.


The bakery is located at 2211 E. Cesar Chavez St. and is open seven days a week.


All the baked products are freshly made on a daily basis. In addition to that, they are cholesterol-free and are made from locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. Even the bakery boxes used at Capital City are made from recycled materials.

  • Cakes such as cheesecake, mint chocolate chip cake, smores cake, and confetti cake.
  • Customized cakes (on order)
  • A wide range of cupcakes in lots of different flavors e.g. peanut butter cupcake, Italian cream cupcake, and pink lemonade cupcake.
  • A selection of pastries and treats including maple pecan scones, Rice Krispie treat oatmeal cookie sandwiches, kolaches, and pop tarts just to mention a few.

It is important to note that these baked products are made in limited amounts on a daily basis, and as such, Capital City has set certain walk-in limits. Currently, each party is limited to ordering 12 cupcakes (maximum of 6 in one flavor) and a maximum of 6 kolaches per party. Those who need larger orders must order at least 48 hours in advance. However, for cupcakes in one of the daily flavors a 24 hours notice will suffice.

7. Upper Crust Bakery

With at least 28 years experience in the bakery business in Austin, this European-style bakery has earned a spot among the finest Austin bakeries.


The bakery is located at 4508 Burnet Road and is open all through the week.


Considering the market experience Upper Crust Bakery has in Austin; it comes as no surprise that they have one of the largest and most exciting selections of baked goods in Austin. Some of the items offered include;

Daily cake selections such as the Italian cream cake, chocolate Italian cream cake, Mocha almond cake, and carrot cake.

  • Special order cakes such as black forest, red velvet, Gateau Marisa and Gateau D’Amour (both of which contain alcohol).
  • Daily pies such as the Pecan and the popular Dutch Apple pie.
  • A variety of seasonal pies including pumpkin pie, cranberry apple, coconut cream, and strawberry rhubarb.
  • A wide range of desserts including brownies, éclairs, cream puffs, cupcakes and a selection of cookies.
  • A huge collection of delicious pastries including more than ten different croissants, tea bread, Danish, muffins, cinnamon rolls, sausage puffs, and scones.
  • A variety of fresh bread including Brioche (only available Friday to Sunday), French bread and Honfleur.

8. Sweetish Hill Bakery

Sweetish Hill Bakery

This is one of the oldest Austin bakeries and rightfully one of the finest. Their baked products are more of a fusion between the American style and European styles.


The bakery is located at 1120 West Sixth Street and opens seven days a week from 6:30 in the morning.


True to its name, Sweetish Hill is the ultimate destination for cake and pastry lovers. The bakery’s menu features;

  • Breakfast pastries and muffins e.g. cinnamon rolls, fruit & cheese Danish, currant scones, gypsy horn, croissants, Petit Pain Au Chocolat and fruit & cheese strudel.
  • A variety of pies e.g. pecan, chocolate bourbon pecan, seasonal pumpkin, and seasonal peach pies.
  • Cookies such as Baklava, cream cheese brownies, chocolate decadence brownies, snickerdoodles and lemon bar cookies just to mention a few.
  • Freshly baked artisan bread and different types of sandwich loaf such as 6th Street Sourdough Batard, challah braid, bialys, and soft pretzels.
  • Classic cakes such as the Black and White cake and the Pennsylvania Dutch chocolate.
  • Specialty cakes such as the strawberry shortcake, the lemon cream cake, peanut butter cup, and the Black Forest Cherry. However, most specialty cakes require a 24-hour notice in advance. People can also custom order cakes based on their needs and preferences.

Aside from super delicious pastries and treats, Sweetish Hill also offers daily lunch specials, made-to-order sandwiches, soups, and even alcoholic drinks.

9. Cream Whiskers Bakery

Cream Whiskers specializes in making cream puff treats and desserts. The founders, who are also husband and wife, are alumni of the University of Texas at Austin. Cream puffs are particularly ideal for those people who do have a sweet tooth but desire to partake in desserts.


Cream Whiskers is located at 2222 Rio Grande St Bldg B, Unit 120. The bakery is open seven days a week from mid-morning until late at night.


Cream Whiskers offerings are largely light and refreshing desserts that are especially ideal for people who do not have a sweet tooth but still wish to enjoy delving into a dessert. Some of the must-try delights include;

  • Different flavors of cheesecake cream puffs including Mango, Fresh strawberry, tiramisu cream puff, and cookies & cream.
  • An assortment of flavored fresh whipped cream puffs such as Matcha Azuki, fresh strawberry with Belgium chocolate ganache, choco-whip brownie and the brown butter pecan.
  • Seasonal cream puff treats such as the Pumpkin Spice flavored treat.

10. Moonlight Bakery

A list of the best Austin bakeries is not complete if it doesn’t include the unassuming Moonlight Bakery in South Austin. Indeed, it was ranked among the top 3 most under-rated restaurants in 2016.


The bakery is located at 2300 S Lamar Blvd and is open Monday through Saturday.


Probably the best thing about Moonlight’s menu is the fact that it keeps changing and evolving with new items popping up now and then. The menu focuses mostly on desserts, pastries, bread, cakes, and other treats.

  • Cakes come in a range of flavors including banana nut, German Chocolate, Tres Leches, Yellow Butter, and White wedding cake. Clients can choose from different icing flavors such as coffee, lemon, vanilla, and orange.
  • They also have an impressive selection of pastries such as the almond croissant, chocolate croissant, cranberry currant scone, kringles in different flavors, Danish and muffins.
  • Cream-filled pastries such as the cheesecake slice, éclairs or even the cream horn.
  • A wide selection of cookies e.g. coconut macaroon, oatmeal cookies, watermelon icebox (seasonal) and the moon cookie
  • A selection of freshly baked bread treats such as baguette, ciabatta rolls, Italian bread, 9-grain bread, rye, and stone-ground whole wheat.
  • A selection of tasty Kolaches