STD Test Locations in Austin

std test locations in austin

[List updated in 2022]

OK, this is my first and only PSA (public service announcement) on this website.

A friend of mine happened to ask me the following question while I was Googling on my phone:

What’s the closest STD Test Clinic near me, right now?

I won’t bother you with the reason for his question, but after a while, I did find what he needed.

So without further adieu, introducing Austin’s first and only comprehensive directory of STD Test Locations in Austin, TX!

Thanks to Randy Glickman for the update 🙂… Read the rest

Where to Find Live Music In Austin Area During The Pandemic?

Where to find live music around Austin

We’re happy to announce that once again it’s possible to watch live music in Austin during Covid-19 due to Austin’s music venues and musicians’ careful planning and ingenuity.

As every Austin citizen knows, nothing is as cathartic as getting some live music. The live music scene is what brought so many people to the city in the first place, and in ordinary times, live music can be found on virtually every corner of the Live Music Capital of the World. Yet amid lockdowns and Covid-19 security measures, our stages were made to go dark, just when we needed them.… Read the rest

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Things To Do In Austin While Complying with Covid-19 Mandates

Dinning out in Austin during Covid-19

It’s been more than eight months as the first reported cases of COVID-19 in Austin issued a stay-home order, together with most communities across the nation and the world amid the worldwide pandemic. South by Southwest, a significant revenue source many restaurants depended on, was canceled, drastically ending a 34-year streak.

Austin restaurant needed to shut their dining rooms. Some readily transitioned into to-go operations, which were allowed because restaurants were considered essential businesses, but many struggled to find footing in a changing environment. Furloughed employees flocked to unemployment, bolstered by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARE) at the end of March. But that increased advantage, worth $600 a week, expired at the start of August.… Read the rest

Support Black-Owned Businesses In The Austin Area

Black-Owned Businesses

It is time to support black-owned businesses in Austin. The Black Lives Matter movement persists to be as crucial as always, and Austinites came downtown to participate in demonstrations.

There is another way you can make a positive influence in the community? You can start by supporting black-owned businesses in your area. We have made it a bit easier for you by giving you all a list of black-owned companies in the Austin area.

This is a great way you can join to anti-racism efforts. Eating out or curbside pick up “To-Go” orders is a great gesture to help black-owned food establishments during the Covid-19 crisis and any time during the year; here, we’ve rounded up a long list of black-owned food companies, including catering firms, and other food establishments (ie. food trucks).… Read the rest

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Come Celebrate Margarita Day In Austin!

This year, National Margarita Day falls on Saturday, February 22nd. You know what to do, right? Restaurants and bars in Austin will have Margarita deals in celebration of the famous holiday. Those places that don’t are nevertheless offering pretty wonderful margaritas. Here are places to try a margarita around the city of Austin in no particular order and towards the end how to host your own gathering at home:

Guero’s Taco Bar

1412 S. Congress Ave. The margaritas at this prime people-watching place are superbly strong and come either frozen or on the rocks. If frozen, they are offered in a rainbow of flavors, such as strawberry and mango.… Read the rest

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Austin’s Best Music Venues To Visit With Friends

Austin Pubs

From crowded dive bars to upscale music halls, these venues consistently offer Austin music at its most fun. Austin’s downtown music scene is thriving, but a number of the great Austin bar places are a little further out in east and south Austin.

1. ACL Live in the Moody Theater

This 2,750-seat place is home to the long-running Austin City Limits series on PBS. For tapings of this TV series, free tickets are available by lottery.

National-level acts hold concerts here year-round that is not on the TV show. With comfortable seating, superb sightlines, 14 restrooms, and 12 bars, the Moody Theater is worth the often-pricey tickets.… Read the rest

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo In Austin, TX

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Austin Texas

Cinco de Mayo is a yearly festival continued on the day or near that commemorates the victory of the Mexican Army against French armies at the War of Puebla on 5th May 1862. In the US, though, Cinco de Mayo has become a party of Mexican-American culture, together with the army commemoration only a small portion of events that include picnics,  music, dance, car shows, food, beverage,  movies, and much more –all to shine a light on the substantial influences of Mexico and its civilizations.

Cinco de Mayo falls on a Sunday this year, so parties will be all weekend. We’ve rounded up some of them below.… Read the rest

Best Things To Do While In Austin, TX

Austin cow art display

When you visit Austin, Texas in the USA, there are many things to do. For instance, you can participate in activities like site seeing as well as enjoying a variety of dishes or drinks in various restaurants. This guide gives you information about the top ten must-see places in Austin. The following places are some of the most popular centers of attraction in this general area.

Barton Springs

Barton Springs Pool is in Zilker Park, and it is favorite destination among the residents and visitors alike.  Native Americans and other professional travel writers believe that the pool possesses some spiritual healing powers. Some people even refer to the pool as the soul of Austin.… Read the rest

10 Places to Catch Live Country Music in Austin, TX

live country music singer

With over 250 live music locations, Austin has made its mark as the world’s live music capital. Around town, musicians play music almost everywhere; from the airport to clubs, bars, concert halls, and festivals among others.

In Austin, visitors can catch live performances of pop country music as well as classic country music sub-categories such as honky-tonk, western swing, rockabilly, and outlaw.

Here are 10 places for residents and visitors to enjoy an evening out with some live country music.… Read the rest

The Best Places To Order Take Out Food In Austin, TX

Pickup Food Austin

There are plenty of times when  “take-out” is the only option when it comes to a good, convenient meal. Busy schedules often mean that there isn’t the time to sit in a restaurant and wait for traditional service.

A leisurely lunch in a top establishment is probably a rare luxury. This can lead to some uninspired choices in cheap, unhealthy take-out food or leftover packed lunches. It doesn’t have to be this way with a little thought, and careful planning for the best Take-Out food Austin has to offer.

The great news here is that there a wide range of outlets for pick up food Austin style.

Austin is full of top restaurants and eateries that provide food to go for those that order ahead. This means that workers can order from their desk, collect a great meal and eat either in the office, at … Read the rest

10 Austin Bakeries Everyone Must Try When In Town

Austin Bakeries

Austin is one of the trendiest and most popular destinations for food lovers. For those who love sinking their teeth into delectable baked goodies such as cookies, pies, cakes, and pastries, Austin has a wide range of bakeries to choose from. Here are 10 Austin bakeries that are a must try for gourmets.

Here are 10 Austin bakeries that are a must try for yourself to experience these wonderful treats.… Read the rest

7 Of The Best Austin’s Patio Restaurants For Live Music

Austin Patio Restaurants

Austin is a city famous for its music, culture and general hospitality. It is a laid-back place where people can gather in small social groups to watch a local band play at a local bar with ease.

At the same time, it is a hub where thousands descend for a weekend of festivities during South by Southwest. This history and reputation mean that Austin has to be a place with plenty of top patio restaurants with music nights.

Everyone has to have a place to go and drink on a warm evening, and these bands have to start somewhere. As the following show, there is no simple formula for the best establishment in town. Here are 7 of the best patio restaurants in Austin for live music and good times.… Read the rest

A Journey To The Texas Dance Halls


Texas is renowned for its great music culture that involves romance and exquisite interactions with different forms of art.

During the early 19th and early 20th century, Texas had around 1000 to 1500 different dance halls although only some 400 remain today. Nonetheless, Texas still has the highest number of historical dance halls than any other state in the US and more of them are beginning to re-open their doors after a long period of dormancy.

Texas is known as a city where love and fun go hand in hand. The music and art culture are quite flourishing, and residents will now be able to relive the experiences their ancestors had inside the walls of these dancing halls.… Read the rest

Places To Celebrate Margarita Day in Austin

Margarita Day Austin

February 22 is just around the corner, and one good reason to celebrate is that it’s National Margarita Day.

There are few places where you can make the most of this day in Austin—where it’s already bright and sunny in late February.

Here’s a list of some excellent spots to celebrate Margarita Day 2017. After all, the margarita is the unofficial cocktail of the city. So, no matter if your margarita preference is classic, frozen, sweet, spicy or a combination of both, you’ll find the right place for you on February 22 on this list—… Read the rest

10 Outstanding Austin Seafood Restaurants

Austin Seafood

You haven’t experienced the best out of Austin if you haven’t tasted the seafood offered in the restaurants. By mastering the art and the process of preparing signature seafood dishes, their expertise has gained a strong following.

Austin seafood market is one of the best in the world. You will always find a long line of tourists eagerly waiting for popular seafood grilles. While a trip to a beach has more of jumps, hops, and swimming, that is entirely different with Austin. Your trip isn’t fulfilling if you haven’t had a variety of the fresh and high-quality seafood.

Here is a list of the 10 best restaurants where you can find the seafood you have always been craving.

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Hiring A Texas Music Band For Holiday Party

Texas Music Band

Christmas is almost here, and that means parties, whether for family and friends or corporate purposes. Of course, a holiday party is an occasion for catching up with all those people we miss throughout the rest of the year, listening to Texas band music, eating traditional foods, and possibly drinking too much.

If your parties are anything like those that my family or the company I worked for used to have, it is also an occasion for letting your hair down and having some fun.

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The Top Tequilas You Should Try Out in 2016

Top Tequilas 2016 For Try

Tequila is virtually synonymous with Mexico in the same way; Scotch whiskey is with Scotland. A shot of tequila will invariably conjure up flavors on your taste buds and images in your mind that are uniquely Mexican.

The history behind this age perfected liquor is, of course, colorful and dates back to the 16th century. Over time, its distillery process and various modifications make it one of the best-known brands around the world.

But like any famous liquor brand, several variations in the market can all be traced back to the Mexican city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco.

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5 Best Food Trucks in Austin TX

Food Trucks Austin

Five Best Food Trucks You Need To Visit In Austin, TX

Austin, the capital of Texas, is mostly known for its live music scene. Thanks to that, it is fondly referred to as the world’s live music capital. Still, it’s not just the music that gets visitors streaming into Austin. Other notable points of interest include the gigantic Barton Springs Pool (which spans 3-acres), Zilker Botanical Garden, several museums and art galleries as well as some parks and wild areas for those who prefer to engage in outdoor recreation.

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Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016

Austin Music

There is no denying that the city of Austin, Texas has made a name for itself when it comes to the entertainment industry and particularly the Austin music scene. After all, it is the location for the Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival which is an annual festival that attracts crowds of up to 450,000 people every year.

Bottomline, the festival has gained a reputation as one of the main music festivals to look out for every year. This year (2016), the Austin City Limits festival is slated for September 30th through October 2nd and October 7th through October 9th at Zilker Park. The festival will run from 11 am to 10 pm on each of these weekends.

Austin Music

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