The Evolution Of Texas Music

Texas Music: Its Evolution

Texas MusicTexas is famous largely because of its oil reserves and its love for football. Another thing that Texas is renowned for is its music. In fact, Austin, which is the capital of Texas, is considered the Live Music Capital of the world.

Indeed, Texas music spans a broad spectrum of genres that includes country music, honky-tonk & outlaw country music, blues, jazz and conjunto music. Texas … Read the rest

Best Live Music Venues in Austin

As Featured In Our Austin City Guide

Live music makes for a great evening or night out. The energy and excitement that real instruments and performers provide can’t be matched by the sounds of a recording.

If you are in Austin, Texas and are looking for a good night out, then you’re at the right place. In no particular order, we’re going to look at the best Austin live music Read the rest

Upcoming Music Festival in Huntsville, TX

It’s Bigger than Texas!

Spring is in the air in Texas and the line-up for this year’s Huntsville Music Festival looks hotter than ever before!

This free event takes place in Rather Park on April the 21st and the 28th from 5 pm to 10 pm. Reviews from last year’s festival were overwhelmingly positive and the event organizers are going all out to make 2016’s event even bigger and … Read the rest

Top BBQ Restaurants around Austin

Austin is known for being one of the places where BBQ is very popular, and that is because the restaurants take great pride in preparing their special version of BBQ’d food.

In fact, a lot of people travel all the way to Austin just to have a taste of their delicious barbecues. Because many people are curious as to what restaurants are the best in Austin, several of us decided … Read the rest

South by Southwest (SXSW) Music and Film Festival Not To Be Missed!



South by Southwest festival has become one of the most iconic festivals in America as fans of all different tastes and backgrounds descend on the venues of Austin, Texas to enjoy a week of diverse live events in intimate settings. As it has grown in popularity, SXSW has expanded its program and the 2016 line up for sees a mixture of music, film and interactive … Read the rest

Austin’s Increased Hospitalizations from Synthetic Marijuana

A wave of hospitalizations has hit several counties in Texas as the use of Synthetic Marijuana has increased in the last few months. Synthetic marijuana is an artificial combination of various herbs and chemicals, some of them dangerous, to create a drug with a similar effect to natural marijuana. Officials say that they have found some variations that have rat poison as well as oils. The increase in use of … Read the rest

STD Test Locations in Austin

OK, so this is my first and only PSA (public service announcement) on this website.

A friend of mine happened to ask me the following question while I was Googling on my phone:

What’s the closest STD Test Clinic near me right now?

I won’t bother you with the reason for his question, but I did find what he needed.

So without further adieu, introducing Austin’s first and only comprehensive Read the rest

The 10 Best New Texas Bands of 2015 (plus one from Tennessee)

Living in a town with more music venues per capita than any other United States city has an advantage, in that there is always somewhere to go where an awesome new band is playing in Austin, my home.

As a twenty-something single male Austin-ite, I spend a lot of my free time looking into new bands. I especially like new groups that are just coming up or have been … Read the rest

The Best Tequilas of 2015

Whether you are hosting a margarita party, serving it as an aperitif or doing shots with old college friends, these top-rated tequilas should impress your guests and make everyone smile.

It’s impossible not to say Tequila and Mexico in the same breath. This delicious spirit with its wide variety of unusual flavors and strong taste symbolizes the best of Tex-Mex cuisine and culture. Tequila is much sought after by … Read the rest

Adderall Abuse on the Rise in Texas Universities

The rising number of cases of Adderall abuse in the United States has become a top matter of concern among key players in the education industry, especially among American colleges and universities.


Originally designed for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) among a very small minority of people, Adderall has become an extremely popular study drug at college campuses today.  Many research studies have been done to understand the … Read the rest